Lambert's Luscious

Lambert's Luscious - Jungle Hair and Beard Balm


Scent: Infused with our secret botanicals, it's the scent of an unexplored adventure in tin.

Embark on a grooming adventure with Lambert's Jungle Beard Balm. A carefully crafted blend inspired by the mysterious allure of dense jungles, this balm is your passport to a well-conditioned and stylized beard. Infused with botanical hints that evoke the spirit of an explorer, it's the go-to choice for the modern adventurer. Experience the untamed luxury with Lambert's Jungle Beard Balm

Our balms use beeswax and shea butter giving a premium hold for your hair and beard, plus conditioning and cleansing while being natural, with essential oils to cleanse the hair. Take control of those manes on your face and your head!

Four kinds of oils including vitamin E and jojoba penetrate deep into the hair, softening and moisturising, making your hair and beard manageable and bringing out its natural colour.

Use after applying our scent matched Buccaneer beard oil for the ultimate beard care routine; maximum results and compliments, guaranteed.

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